QLD dad labelled a "sicko" while changing his son's nappy in parents' room.

Any parent who’s ever had to change a crying, wriggling baby’s nappy in a parents’ room will know it’s not an easy task.

Now imagine being abused while doing so, simply because of your gender.

A Sunshine Coast mother has shared her account of just that, when she witnessed a mother shouting at a “sicko” father struggling to change his son in the parents’ room of a shopping centre.

“This happened just over a month ago but seeing as how everytime I use the PARENTS change room there are people rudely staring at DADS who go in to change their child I thought I would share (sic),” Mikaa Ives wrote on a local parenting Facebook group page.

Upon taking her daughter into the parents’ room at the Kawana shopping centre, Ives said she witnessed another mother accuse a father also changing his son of being “a sicko” and staring at her naked children.

“There was a dad in the middle of changing his sons nappy, already having a difficult time with his son not wanting to be changed the lady piped up and started abusing the dad for being in the parents room. “it’s only for mothers, get out you sicko” literally saying she would call security and say he was staring at her naked kids if he didn’t leave the room (sic),” Ives wrote.

(Image: Facebook/Sunny Coast Community Board)

"He picked up his son who mind you didn't even have a clean nappy on yet and went to stand outside the door. His son was hysterical and he's just saying "its okay mate, we'll go back in there soon" (sic)."

Disgusted by the woman's behaviour, Ives called for the father to come back in and continue changing his son, as was his right.

"I was absolutely shocked that the poor bloke felt he had no choice but to leave like she said. ITS A PARENTS ROOM NOT A F*CKING MOTHERS ROOM (sic)," she said.

Ives' post attracted hundreds of comments, including from fellow dads who had experienced similar unfair treatment.

One father, Jason, wrote that he used to feel afraid to leave the house.

"I got this on so many occasions been a single dad with my daughter 24/7, made me not want to go out," Jason wrote.

Another, Michael, also shared his experience.

"As a single dad I have experienced this on the coast too many times. Thank you for standing up for this guy. When someone kicks you out of a parent's room you literally have no where to go with your children, it's good to know that there are people out there who care."

We couldn't agree more. This kind of stereotyping only perpetuates the idea that traditionally 'mothering' tasks can only be completed by mothers.

Babies wear nappies, and nappies need to be changed. It's a responsibility that should be shared by both parents. End of story.

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