A bride's father was halfway through a speech when he was struck by lightning.

JP Nadeau had just finished telling his new son-in-law how lucky he was to be marrying his daughter, Gill, when he was struck by lightning.

Although the Canadian father escaped unharmed from the July 8 incident—a single scorch mark on his thumb is the only evidence from his near-death experience—he said wedding guests feared he would “drop dead” in the middle of his daughter’s wedding.

“Just as I told my new son-in-law ‘You’re a lucky guy’–boom!” the piano bar entertainer told CBC News.

wedding lightning
JP Nadeau's daughter and her new husband watched in shock as he was hit by lightning. Image via Facebook.

"I had the microphone and the shock jumped into the sound system and my hand just lit up and I saw the spark.

"And I'm looking at my hand and it's all flared up...It was like I was holding a lightning bolt in my hand. It was amazing."

JP wedding
Surprisingly, this isn't the Canadian father's first brush with death. Image via Facebook.

Nadeau, who was hosting his daughter's wedding to Adam Kimball in his apple orchard, said his back was turned to the clouds and didn't notice the storm brewing behind him.

After a terrifying few moments, Nadeau and his friends and family realised he was unhurt and the celebrations continued.

lightning storm
The wedding was able to continue once the "shock" had worn off. Image via Getty.

"It was a beautiful wedding," said Nadeau's wife, Maggy Thomas. "But that was pretty terrifying for a second."

The lucky man said this isn't his first brush with death, recalling how in 2015 he was rescued from a cruise ship that caught fire. ("But death keeps ignoring me.")

Indeed, a few days on he even credited the lightning strike with making him feel healthier:
"Even my knee actually feels a bit better," he said.

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