Dad gets Snapchat, accidentally sends his daughter a dick pic.

Nothing says Snapchat is now mainstream like when you get a friend request from good ol’ Mum and Dad.

First they took to Facebook like ducks to water, writing on your wall, poking with abandon and sharing old family photos that should have stayed put in old shoe boxes. Then they migrated to Instagram to learn the language of filters and hashtags. And now they’ve taken on the last frontier: Snapchat.

Unfortunately, for 18-year-old Robyn Millen from the United Kingdom, her budding online friendship with her parents led to a rather unexpected Valentine’s Day surprise: A dick pic. Intended for her Mum.

Luckily, the unsolicited Valentine’s Day gift came with some strategically placed emojis that were craftily positioned to hide her Dad’s special package. Thanks for trying, Dad.

Of course, Robyn’s Dad’s special picture wasn’t just mistakenly sent to his daughter, the poor bloke made it his My Story, sharing the bathtub snap with all of his friends. Rookie error.

Robyn Millen told Metro UK that she “wanted to die” after receiving the pic, but has since concentrated her efforts on helping her Dad go viral. Maybe next they can invest in some social media management lessons.

It’s safe to say the last text most people received from their parents are considerably tamer than Robyn’s message from her Dad.