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Kiera texted her dad about her "lady issues" at work. His reply was brilliantly hopeless.

Father daughter relationships are special.

They make ‘dad jokes’ and mumble their words. We nod and smile, and surprise them with hugs that make them feel awkward about outward displays of emotion.

But above all else, dad is there for you no matter what.

In Kiera Platt’s case, the ‘what’ was “lady troubles”. Which of course translates to: it’s day one or two of my period and I’m gassy/irritated/feeling like my uterus is being shredded with a lemon rind grater.

Only when she sent her dad a courteous text message to let him know she was leaving work early because of said “lady issues”, he got the wrong idea. So wrong, but so, so right.

“I told my dad I went home early from work because of “lady issues”,” she tweeted along with a picture of her dad’s response to her text, Buzzfeed reported.

Expectedly, the 25-year-old’s dad thinking “lady issues” meant his daughter was having a run in with another lady at work went viral. Partly because it’s hilarious when parents use 2007 text slang like ‘U’, ‘K’ and ‘GR8’. But also because dads doing dad things will never not be funny.




Then, for a final peak Dad touch, he asked Kiera to post all of this to ‘his wall’ because he was proud of how famous they’d become.


Is this something your dad would do?

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