There is now a device that tells you when to poo.

In a world where Fitbits tell us when to be active and apps remind us to drink water, you’d figure we’d now have everything covered.

Nope: technology is now telling us when (and how) to poo.

Introducing the D Free, the device that will predict when your next poo, will be – in case the normal tummy rumblings and physical indicators weren’t enough of a giveaway for you.

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The wearable gadget monitors your bowel activity with an in-built sensor, and can sync with your iPhone so you can keep tabs on your poo habits easily.

This little device will alert you about incoming, er, bowel movements.

D Free also claims to be able to predict the type of bowel movement you’ll have and will send you an alert if you’re about to be hit with a poonami of diarrhoea, so you’ll have ample warning to hit the bathroom in time.

While it might sound a little ridiculous, the device could be great news for those among us with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, disabilities, chronic gastrointestinal issues or for elderly people who need assistance to make it to the bathroom.

Through the D Free app you can track ALL of your bowel movements, and over time it will learn your habits and lifestyle. (Post continues after gallery.)

This will help the device to better predict when a number two is on the way.

Japanese startup Triple W are producing the product and plan to crowd fund its development in May, with the aim of launching it on the market in December this year.

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In the meantime, we’re afraid you’ll just have to rely on your body to figure out when you need to poo.

Would you buy this device?

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