The real reason Cyrell stormed out of MAFS last night, and more in Celeb in 5.

1. The real reason Cyrell stormed out of MAFS last night (because there was a lot of sneaky editing). 

So, it turns out there was more to Cyrell's storm out that we didn't get to see on MAFS last night. And apparently it involves a bunch of the contestants. 

In case you missed it, the MAFS experts were trying to get Cyrell and Jessika Power to move on from the past and break bread (hold the wine) during last night's reunion episode.

But when Mel asked Cyrell if she was "ready to leave things here and move on" Cyrell decided to just... leave instead. 

"I'm ready to leave. Bye! That's me bouncing," she said as she walked off set. 

After the episode, Cyrell claimed there was more to the story that we didn't see behind the scenes. 

"What they didn't show is there was a lot more of the contestants telling me I shouldn't be raising [her son] Boston like I am," she explained on Instagram. 

During the episode, we only saw one contestant, Dean Wells, make a comment about Cyrell and her son. 

"What you just said, Cyrell, about teaching your son about not taking s**t from anyone, that's great, I respect that, and I respect that you're a very protective and passionate mum," said Dean. "I think you also need to teach him not to react sometimes as well."

Cyrell also addressed other contestants' comments in a post on Instagram. 

"To the contestants that questioned, judged or made a comment about my parenting. On tonight’s reunion episode. To the half of you that do have kids... why don’t you worry about your child and I’ll worry bout my own," she wrote. 

"And to the other half that had the nerve to comment when you don’t even have child. Maybe if you had a child you would know how I feel."


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2. Harry Styles, unsurprisingly, got sent a lot of watermelons on his birthday.

In case you weren't aware it was Harry Styles' birthday on Monday.

The 'Watermelon Sugar' singer turned 27 so many fans took it upon themselves to share photos of cakes, watermelons and even (yep, you guessed it) watermelon cakes on Twitter to mark the occasion. 

You can check out some their creations below. 


Harry later thanked his fans for all the sweet birthday wishes.

"Feeling very lucky today, and all the days," he wrote on Twitter. 

3. Ash Williams sucked a guy’s toe for $10, and we hate that this is news. 

So, Ash Williams just sucked a guy's toe thanks to a dare on KISS FM this morning, and he can't even surprise us anymore, TBH.

The I'm a Celebrity star joined Kyle and Jackie O today, where the hosts first asked him to eat a can of dog food for $200 which he... enjoyed.


Next up, they asked if Pete Deppler could suck on his nipples which he allowed without question. 

To return the favour, he would have to suck on Pete's toes. For the grand prize of $10. 

And you bet he did it.

We really, really hate this news.

4. Olivia Newton-John declares that she sharn’t be having the COVID vaccine. 

Olivia Newton-John, who sits in the most vulnerable age bracket to COVID-19 at 72-years-old, has just announced she won't be getting the coronavirus vaccine.

The Grease star gave a rare interview to the Herald Sun, alongside her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi this week, who said she is "not an anti-vaxxer, [She's] anti putting mercury and pesticides in my body, which are in a lot of vaccines".

Olivia is currently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, and didn't expand on why she would not be getting the vaccine simply saying: "Not at this point, no."

To be clear, the argument against mercury in vaccines has been widely disproved.

The ingredient Chloe assumedly refers to is thiomersal, which breaks down to produce mercury. 

It contains the same amount of mercury you’d find in a tin of tuna, and as the Australian health department confirms, "there is no scientific evidence that small amounts of thiomersal cause any harmful effects in children or adults".

If you want more info, you can watch our video here:

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5. The Twins recap the MAFS reunion: A wildly inappropriate storm out.

If you missed part one of the Married at First Sight reunion, you can read our recap here.



Despite being yelled out of last night's dinner party, Nasser's contract said he had to come back and visit the experts for 90 minutes, and yeah he ironed his party shirt. 

But speaking of contracts.

At what point are we going to acknowledge Trish's absence? It is disrespectful to her memory. Because she would have loved nothing more than to be here and to ask Tracey and Dean (specifically) all about their sxc txts. 

But it seems Trish was just another casualty of COVID-19 redundancies because as we all know, the fake marriage business was hit really hard. 

It me.  Mel and John will make do with their smaller team because there are some things that need to be thoroughly investigated.

Namely, they know this show has fucked up the contestants' lives, but the real question is: to what extent. 

John suggests they start with the subject of... Nassar... and yeah, he looks appropriately guilty. 

Nothing brings the room together like their mutual hatred of Nasser. So he decides to yell an apology in people's faces but no one accepts it so he would very much like to take it back. 

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