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Four signs that prove last night's MAFS fight between Jessika and Cyrell was completely fake.

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It happened.

Jessika and Cyrell finally had the ~fight~ we’ve all been waiting for, and it was everything we hoped for and more.

There was yelling.

There were flailing limbs.

… And there was some of the worst acting we’ve seen since Tommy Wiseau’s The Room.


Look, if we were Channel 9 and had been gifted a MAFS contestant named Cyrell with a bit of a temper, of course we would take it as an opportunity to orchestrate a b*tch fight and pump our promos full of “Cyclone Cyrell” puns.

I mean… it’d be rude not to.

But we can’t help but think they all needed a bit of extra time to rehearse.

Last night, Cyclone Cyrell is WREAKED HAVOC on Jess.

(No, seriously, we hear there’s been a relief centre set up at MAFS HQ).

Watch: Things I Say When I Watch MAFS. 

Video by MMC

And here’s what we couldn’t help but notice about the altercation:

1. Ning’s line delivery. 

We have never seen someone deliver a line so unenthusiastically in our entire lives.

We also strongly suspect it was written on the table cloth given her blatantly staring down the whole time she was talking.

Speaking to Martha with a look on her face that screams 'I could not give less of a f*ck', Ning says in complete monotone: "I don't know what just happened, I don't know what's happening out there, I don't know what's going on."

Really Ning?

Don't you?

2. Cam seemed to be the only one who could... hear them. 

And also... looked the wrong way?


Honestly, how is it that Cam was the only one who could hear the blood-curdling screams coming from the open-plan living area situated directly at the end of the table (the other end from where he was sitting, might we add)!?

After wildly swinging his head around/momentarily forgetting where he was supposed to be looking, he alerts the rest of the table to the ~fight~ with perhaps the line of the season:

"What the f*ck was that?!"

Really Cam?


What on earth else could it be?


3. Jess and Cyrell are laughing. 

If you watch the video closely, you can see a hint of a smile on both women's faces as they yell and scream at each other in very close proximity.

... They seem to be having waaayy to much fun to hate each other's guts.

We see you Cyrell.


We see you Jess.

Also lol.

But our favourite part?

4. The choreography. 

Not sure if fighting...
... Or rehearsing a dance routine for the wrap party.


(But seriously, great foot work, Jess).

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