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1. “Fake, horrible person.” Of course Jessika Power has weighed in on Cyrell and Elizabeth’s MAFS feud.

Ah, Married at First Sight.

It’s the gift that just keeps on giving. Well, if you can call endless feuds a gift, that is.

This week in MAFS land, a feud between former best friends Cyrell and Elizabeth erupted into chaos when the former contestants laid their drama out on their Instagram Stories.

In short, Cyrell told her 237,000 followers that the actual reason for their initial falling out was because of money, while Elizabeth accused Cyrell of bullying after sharing a number of text messages between the pair.

(Side note – you can read a full breakdown of the feud right over here.)

elizabeth and cyrell
Elizabeth and Cyrell both shared screenshots of their text messages to Instagram.

Now, just as we expected, Jessika Power has weighed in on the ongoing feud.

Posting to her Instagram Stories, Jessika took Elizabeth's side, accusing Cyrell of "throwing Elizabeth under the bus".

"Cyrell, Cyrell, Cyrell – where do I start with you," she said.

"At the end of the day, Lizzie was your friend – she didn't want you to get hurt, she was looking out for you when you asked her to. Now you're releasing her text messages, it's so petty. I don't know what goes through your head sometimes," she added.

"I actually feel really really sorry for Lizzie and I'm really sorry that she's had to have a fake, horrible person in her life for so long."


Yikes. We suspect this is not the end of this MAFS feud.

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2. Um. Turns out The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew isn’t actually working as an astrophysicist.

Excuse us.

We have a very important Bachelor-related revelation.

You see, it turns out The Bachelor's 'astrophysicist' Matt Agnew isn't actually working as an astrophysicist after all.


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Instead, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, the 31-year-old is actually employed by data analytics company Quantium, but has reportedly been working at the National Australia Bank's Melbourne head office.

Yep, astrophysicist definitely sounds more... interesting.

Speaking to 10 Daily in a recent interview, Matt explained what he actually does for work.

"My specific research is about planetary science, so the stuff I'm doing is trying to figure out where another planet like Earth could exist, so we could actually look and find it," he said.

3. Britney Spears just shared rare photo of her two boys and whoa do we feel old now.

In today's instalment of 'we forgot that celebrities age too,' Britney Spear's sons are now teenagers and we have thus been reminded of our own mortality.

See for yourself...

The 37-year-old singer posted her Disneyland happy snaps which featured her two sons, Sean Federline, 13, and Jayden James Federline, 12, to Instagram. She shares her sons with second husband Kevin Federline, who she divorced in 2007.

The trio were also there with Spears' boyfriend, and aspiring actor and model, Sam Ashgari, 24, who she's been dating since November 2016, after meeting during her music video for Slumber Party.

4. Dakota Johnson has closed her famous tooth gap and precisely no one is coping.

50 Shades of Grey actress, Dakota Johnson, is dentally gap-less and the internet is not impressed. The 29-year-old debuted her new smile at the premiere of her latest film, The Peanut Butter Falcon, and fans immediately noticed.

For reference she went from this...

Dakota Johnson gap teeth
Image: Getty.

To this...

Dakota Johnson tooth gap
And the people are distraught. Image: Getty.

And Twitter freaked out accordingly:




Alas we'll just have to look to Anna Paquin, Madonna, and Vanessa Paradis to champion the gap-tooth look.


5. A very important guide to every woman Brody Jenner dated before Kaitlynn Carter.

In perhaps the least surprising titbit of gossip to come out of The Hills reboot if you’ve kept up with Brody Jenner and his ~ways~ over the years, it’s been announced the reality star and his wife (well, sort of wife) have split.


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It comes after weeks of watching them bicker on the show about things you’d hope most married couples would stop bickering about i.e. staying up all night with the lads and hitting on other women.

“Brody Jenner & Kaitlynn Carter have decided to amicably separate. They love and respect one another, and know that this is the best decision for their relationship moving forward,” a statement issued to E! News read.

Amid the news of their split, we decided to take a look back at every single person Brody Jenner has dated in the past.

You can find out more in our earlier post right over here.

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