The jumpers that are so cute, they'll make you glad it's winter.

From observation, Australia is a country of people who are obsessed with summer. We love the beach, we love fake tans, and we love any excuse to eat Zooper Doopers.

Winter doesn’t really fit into that picture – but if there’s just one thing to love about cold weather, it’s the opportunity to rug up in cute knitwear. Anyone who loves winter can tell you that.

The good news is, flippin’ adorable jumpers are everywhere this season. Just ask former Bachelorette Georgia Love, who snapped up this fun sequinned one from Portmans ($69.99):

Sequins! A heart! So fun. (Images: Instagram Stories,

Sure, a wardrobe full of jumpers with colourful design features and appliques won't bring back those balmy summer days, but they're a good consolation prize.

Here are some of the best:

ASOS Fine Jumper with Chevron, $50, size 4-18

The splash of fuschia is simple, but it's enough to jazz up your regular jeans 'n jumper ensemble.

A little pop of colour. (Image: ASOS)

Gorman Buff Tailed Thornbill Sweater, $149, size 6-14

Gorman is famous for its eye-catching prints, and this one is gorgeous. Can't you just smell the eucalyptus...?

Wear this and nobody will be able to leaf you alone. (Image: Gorman)

Listen: Cute jumpers are all well and good, but this dressing gown is a winter must have. (Post continues.)

Sass Marian Pom Pom Sweater, $79.95, size 6-16

Nothing can distract you from the winter chill better than a bunch of pom poms all over your body.


ASOS CURVE Jumper with Stripes and Badges, $56, size 18-28

Stripes will never go out of style. Team with red lipstick and a high-waisted skirt and you're good to go.

Red hot. (Image: ASOS)

H&M Metallic Print Cardigan, $49.99 (in stores), XS-L

OK, this is technically a cardigan, but it looks like a jumper when you zip it right up. The bright turquoise serves as a nice break from black, navy and grey, and there's nothing like metallics to brighten up a dull day.

Begone, winter blues. (Image: H&M)

Lily Loves Printed Pullover, $19, size XS to 2XL

Leopard print is always fun. Especially when it'll give you change from a $20 note.

ROAR. (Image: Target Australia)

Princess Highway Deer Dear Sweater, $88, size 6-16

Fact: it doesn't get much cuter than woodland animals.

Deer oh deer. (Image: Princess Highway)

St Frock Neptune Sequin Knit, $59.90, size 8-12

A little sparkle goes a long way.


City Chic Lace Shoulder Jumper, $89.95, size XS-XL

This jumper is cute, but the detailing is subtle enough for a conservative work environment. WIN.

Everyone loves lace. (Image: City Chic)

French Connection Apres Sequin Stripe Roll Neck, $149.95, size XS-L

Always wear your heart on your sleeve. And your sequins.

Put your sparkle on. (Image: FCUK)