Homewares for under $50: The Target edition.

Just so we’re clear, no one is telling me to tell you that I love Target. This is not a sponsored post.

There are two types of people in the world. Those who love Target. And those who love Kmart.

A few weeks ago, we ran a post on the best homewares bargains at Kmart right now (and you can read that post here) and so this week, we thought it only fair that we run a Target post too.

So here you have it. My favourite things from Target right now. Time to go shopping?

1. Lisa T Rock Couture Rose Gold Clock.

RRP $25.00

2. Picardy Knitted Cushion.

RRP $25.00

3. Melbourne Wall Print.

For the Melburnians among us.

RRP $40.00

4. Dwell Half Dip Mug.

These also come in a bluey grey and yellow. Why not get one of each?

RRP $4.00

5. Bellini Retro Toaster.

RRP $34.00

6. Chevron Bath Mat.

RRP $20.00

7. Abode Glass Hurricane Lantern.

Use it for candles. Use it for flowers. Or stuff it with apples or lemons for something a bit different.

RRP $20.00

8. Hanoi Bowl.

RRP $8.00

9. Abbey Quilt Cover Set.

Okay you guys, there is one exception to my $50 rule and that’s this bed spread. But $69 for a queen? That’s pretty darn good too.

RRP $59.00-$79.00

10. Target Cable Knit Throw Blanket.

RRP $49.00

11. Water Hyacinth & Metal Basket.

RRP $15.00