A woman received a message from a potential customer. Then things got weird.

Excuse us, but we think we may have found the worst human in, um, human history.

Well, at least the worst customer in the history of customers.

You see, a hobby crocheter was contacted on Instagram by someone who wanted her to make a blanket for them.

Once the two started chatting, however, it became pretty damn clear that the customer was a bit of a d**k.

The twitter account ‘For Exposure’ posted the whole exchange online.

First he got upset because she didn’t immediately reply to his message.

customer service horror stories
"Hi, I'm unreasonable." Image via Twitter.

Then he told her he didn't want any of that 'acrylic shit'.

When she quoted him $400 for a queen size 100 per cent wool crocheted blanket he, um, did not respond well.

"That's an insane amount of money for a f**king blanket. I can literally go to Walmart and get a blanket for $15," he ranted before demanding that she explain how she got to that price.

The woman then detailed how she would have to spend $160 on wool and the other $240 was for her time. She then had to explain to him that it would take her approximately 120-150 hours to make the blanket, so she was charging him less than $2 an hour for her labour.

customer service horror stories
The douche-baggery is increasing. Image via Twitter.

The man then said he would only pay her $70 for the blanket, which wouldn't even cover the cost of the yarn.

customer service horror stories
Does not compute. Image via Twitter.

He then threatened to destroy her business.

"Dude, I don't have a business," she responded. "I'm a f**king flight instructor. Crochet is just my hobby. I take commissions on occasion but I don't do crochet for an income. I don't even really want commissions that much."

"So if you want the damn blanket then that's what I'm charging."

customer service horror stories
Dude, pls. Image via Twitter.

He then responded that she should "do it for free" if she doesn't "need the money" and HOLY HELL this guy's a d**k.

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