Bethany began her first business when she was 9. Now 20, she's developed a skincare line.

Bethany Grace Spoor was always destined to be an entrepreneur.

The 20-year-old business graduate started her first “business” when she was five years old, making jewellery. Then, at just nine years old, she started selling hand-made cards to her local florist.

But at 13 she really found her passion when she launched, selling natural skincare products using ingredients found on her family’s farm in Lismore, NSW. Through the website her brother helped her create, she’s been selling her range of body washes, lotions, facial creams and hair care products.

Bethany showed the Sharks how her shop will work. (Image via Shark Tank.)

Until recently, it's always been a side-project, worked on while she worked her way up the chain of command at McDonald's to manage four stores and study her way through a business degree.


Ready to take the business one step further, she appeared on Shark Tank to try to raise $40,000 for a new venture - a customisable skincare shop.

"In my business, I love that I can make products from scratch to match my skin type and match my needs and I want everyone to have the freedom to do this as well," Bethany told the Sharks.

"Introducing the Custom Skincare Shop - products made by experts on the spot, step-by-step with all the ingredients that you choose."

Bethany offered the Sharks a 30 per cent stake in her business for $40,000 - enough to build and launch the new online store.

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While each shark was impressed the young entrepreneur - who is one of 11 children born to a pastor and homeschooled -  Andrew, Glen, Steve and Naomi pulled out due to her "unproven business model".

And then there was Janine Allis.

"I'm still thinking," Janine told her fellow sharks.

"You could not have picked a harder industry to get into if you tried, but you're passionate about it."

Unfortunately for Bethany, Janine didn't want to invest, but she did offer to be her "unofficial mentor" - something the small business-owner was happy with.

"That's fantastic," she said.

Not to be deterred by walking away from Shark Tank without a deal, the former Young Australian of the Year nominee has launched a Kickstarter campaign to attract the funding for her new website.

We're sure this isn't the last we've heard of Bethany Grace.