There's only one thing that will cure the pain of this tragic US election result.

No, we’re not okay here at Mamamia HQ.

We all wore Hillary Clinton-inspired pantsuits to work in what was meant to be an historic occasion, and now we’re feeling nothing short of devastated.

Mamamia in happier times.

What we thought was clearly a very bizarre joke has turned into a disturbing reality, with Donald Trump emerging as the winner of the US presidential election.

We've been moving slowly through the stages of grief, and somehow, we've ended up at a stage we didn't know existed: trying-to-find-hope-in-this-hopeless-place.

But luckily, we've found the one and only cure for the pain of this tragic US election result: Getting. Ready. For. Christmas.

Mimi knows it's still the best time of the year. Image via Giphy.

Hear us out.

You know what we all feel like doing right now? Putting up our Christmas trees. Decorating our homes in fairy lights. Buying Christmas presents. Listening to Christmas carols. Watching Love Actually. Comfort eating. Dressing up our pets. Pretending it's winter. Shirking responsibilities.

I SHAN'T. Image via Giphy.

Tell me your heart doesn't warm at the thought of those paper Christmas hats and crappy riddles? Tell me the smell of tinsel doesn't give you butterflies?

Tell me you don't think your happiness for the next two months is entirely dependent on the extent to which you embrace the Christmas spirit? TELL ME.

Because for us, the thought of Christmas is the only thing that makes us smile amid the mystifying reality that the United States has just elected an ex-reality TV host as their next president, over the most qualified candidate in their history.

This Christmas will see our penchant for escapism at its finest - because this year, we really, really need it.

#TreesAgainstTrump. Image via Giphy.
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