The ridiculously extravagant way Miranda Kerr is now drinking her water.


I, like most people, try to drink enough water… but often fail. It’s hard. Time flies, and all of a sudden it’s midday and the only water I’ve had is in my coffee.

Except, wait no, that was milk.


Judging by her skin, one person who successfully reaches her water quota on the daily is Miranda Kerr.

But uh, it’s apparently not plain old H2O she credits for her complexion.

You see, Miranda’s water is crystal-infused. This seems… like probably not the best use of crystals, but okay.

The model told PopSugar that she was gifted a drink bottle for her birthday. And said drink bottle had a rose quartz at the bottom. Oh.

“I actually have a rose quartz one and an amethyst and I use them all the time. You feel like you’re getting that little extra bit of love when you have your water.”


If you too would like an extra bit of love with your water, you’re first going to need to lighten your wallet: Crystal infused drink bottles start at around $110.

Online wellness is not cheap, especially if it’s been spotted on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.


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There’s no scientific benefits to adding crystals to your water (and maybe don’t just add loose ones to a bottle or glass – surely that’s a choking hazard?) but hey, there’s also nothing wrong with a placebo.

If you believe you can eliminate stress by drinking amethyst water, maybe you might indeed begin to eliminate stress because that’s what you’re expecting to happen. And then you’ll drink more, because stress-free living can only be fabulous. That sounds good to me.


There’s always going to be benefits to drinking more water, so if a crystal-infused bottle would help me do it, then I’d definitely give it a go. I might just have to sell an organ first.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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