Everyone cries a lot in the new promo for Married at First Sight.

The promo for the new series of Married at First Sight is out, and judging from the number of times the words “controversial” and “social experiment” are used, Channel Nine wants you to know it’s STILL a controversial social experiment.

The concept, in case you missed the show’s debut last year, is to take four women and four men (gay people can’t take part in controversial social experiments?) and match them up, then stage a faux wedding after which they will cohabit for a month before deciding whether or not to continue their “marriage”.

The four new couples will be matched by science. SCIENCE, you guys!

What I want to know is, if it’s science (and I believe it is, from the weird little suction plugs placed on participants’ heads) then how come everyone’s crying so much?

Last year, the show was semi-successful. It managed to create one couple who, as far as we know, are still together.

The rest? Not so much. In fact, we saw Lachlan rebranded as Farmer Lachie on Farmer Wants a Wife. He didn’t have any luck there either.

Will you be watching the new season of Married at First Sight?

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