A porn star reveals the strangest thing a client ever asked her do to. Read at your own peril.

There isn’t much that pornstar and sex worker Madison Missina hasn’t done.

Apart from meeting a later in life virgin, Carla GS, on Mamamia’s latest podcast, The Prude and The Pornstar, that is.

When it comes to her work, Madison doesn’t care how “weird” or crazy it gets, as long as it’s between consenting adults and it doesn’t cause harm in the bedroom…

So, this week when she told us about what she says is officially the weirdest thing she has ever done…everyone went silent.

And leaned in. Because news doesn’t really get any juicer than an award winning pornstar telling you the strangest thing she has ever done.

It’s called crush fetish.

It involves snails.

Bare feet.

And after trying it once, she has sworn she will never do it again.

Listen to Madison talk to Carla about her experience with crush fetish… (Post continues after audio.)

It all began when a man came into the brothel she was working at.

With a bag of snails, obviously.

“He got off on seeing a woman’s bare foot crush these snails…the girls in the brother were like, ‘yeah we’ve all done it, it’s fine, just go and do it,’…I did it, and it wasn’t until after the booking that I thought, ‘I’ve just killed….snails…and I’m not okay with that. The snails didn’t consent to that. That’s snail murder’,

“I’m very ashamed at doing that…that’s literally the weirdest thing I’ve done.” she says.

And while Madison was naked during it, she reckons she really could have done it in a track suit.

Because it was alllll about the feet.

“He wasn’t interest in being sexual with me, he just wanted to watch my bare feet squish the snails, and break the shells. Basically, he just sat there playing with himself…he wasn’t that close to me, he would have been about a meter away just watching this unfold.” she explains.

Now, ten years on, Madison has very strict boundaries around crush fetishes.

And, in her typically compassionate disposition, she has nothing but sympathy for the man who was turned on by the experience.


"It was a defining moment in my sexual morality development, because I was really having to think about all the things go into sex, and the different layers of consent, it was very moving for me, and honestly, the guy was lovely,

From the guys perspective, we don't choose what we're attracted to, he was attracted to crushing snails. It really wasn't his fault. I'd like to come up with a humane way for him to have a healthy sex life, without killing snails." she says.

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In fact, she doesn't view the experience as being creepy at all in the slightest. Because if there is one thing you need to know about Madison, is that she is incredibly non-judgemental.  She likes helping people with unusual sexual attractions, because she believes that everyone deserves a sexually fulfilling experience, no matter what they're into.

"Even though I would never do it again, because of the snail issue, I have quite warm feelings towards this man, I think anything between consenting adults that doesn't cause harm in the bedroom, I think it's fine. I don't care how "weird" it gets, or how crazy, or how non-sexual other people will see it, I think it's all great. I'm just not okay with snail death." she explains.

"I hope you're not offended when I say this, but you kind of fit into the role, of you know, 'the tart with the heart.' You've got a heart of gold, and you really care about your clients." Carla replied.

We can't get enough of this pair.

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