You can now quit your job and be a full-time cruise ship Instagrammer.

If your New Year’s resolution involves quitting your job, living on a cruise ship and pursuing a career as a “professional Instagrammer” in 2017, you’re in luck.

(And if it’s not, I’m sure there’s still time to sneakily add it to your list and pretend it was there this whole time, right?)

Royal Caribbean UK & Ireland is looking for someone to spend three weeks aboard three of their ships, documenting their daily adventures on the high seas for Instagram.

It’s being called an “extraordinary intern-ship” because a) it’s a pretty awesome opportunity and b) puns are never NOT fun.

The “winner” will travel on three cruise ships over a three week period, exploring Beijing, New York and Barcelona. Sounds truly terrible, right?

Of course, like every job in the world, the position comes with a few requirements.

Like, owning a smartphone. Looks like your old Nokia just isn’t going to cut it this time.

No, this phone will not do AT ALL.

Applicants must also be "skilled in Instagram with extensive knowledge of all 23 filters", which means you'll be competing with every millenial ever for the position.

(Although, let's be honest, you only ever use three of them anyway, because most of them look the same...)

Kim Instagram
Kim, you're HIRED! Via Giphy.

Applicants must also be over the age of 21, because snaps of your on-board mojitos are most-definitely required.

A quick scan of the rest of the job 'ad' tells us two very important things about the role:

1) There are water-slides involved, which is all I've ever wanted from a potential employer; and

2) You will be paid just over AU$5000 for three weeks of "work", which will mostly involve taking snaps of your meals and bare thighs while adding the hashtag "#hotdogsorlegs".

So, happy applying. That is, if we don't beat you to the gig first...

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