Mum found a huge 'mound' metres from her home. Then she discovered what it really is.

It looks innocuous. Just a mound of mud, reeds, vegetation washed up on the water’s edge. But when Queensland mother Liza Giudice discovered it on her property she realised the danger her family was in.

The mound is the nest of a saltwater crocodile, and the eggs are due to hatch in May.

Guidice discovered the nest on her Mossman cane farm in January, and reported it to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection in the hopes of having it removed. Yet, three months later it remains.

“The response has been ‘don’t touch it, keep away and we will put up a [warning] sign’,” Giudice told The Daily Mail. “They basically said they can’t do anything unless it’s being aggressive.”

But for the mother of two, a sign simply doesn’t cut it.

“This is an apex predator we’re talking about,” she said. “They’re aggressive when they are nesting and prowl around looking for food – whether that’s dogs or kids or whatever they can find.”

crocodile nest queensland farm
The nest on the Giudice's farm. Image: YouTube/Newsport

While the family don't live on the property, their neighbour's residence is just 80 metres from the waterway and her husband routinely works in the area.

"The nest is about 60 metres from my husband's floodgate," Giudice told The Daily Mail. "He has to hop into the water to do any maintenance or repairs on it. This is impacting our livelihood."

The waterway on which the nest is built is not natural - it's a drainage channel - and lies more than a kilometre from Saltwater Creek.

crocodile nest queensland farm
Liza and her family. Image: Facebook.

A number of crocodile attacks have been reported in the region in recent months, one of which was fatal.

Spearfisherman Warren Hughes was killed at Palmer Point near Innisfail, south of Cairns, on March 18.

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