Cristiano Ronaldo statue gives new meaning to the word 'erected'.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a pretty huge deal in the soccer world (SORRY, FOOTBALL).

So big, in fact, that he has had a statue of himself erected in his childhood home of Madeira, Portugal.

But not just any statue…it’s a BIG bronzed statue – that stands out BIG TIME:

The man himself with his, er, big statue. 

See what we did there?

Yes, that is in fact – a somewhat ERECT statue, with a rather large bulge…down there.

Let’s check it out look at it from another angle:

One more look…

Yep. It seems the people in Madeira think very highly of the 29-year-old Real Madrid player.

But he doesn’t seem to mind:

Hmmmm….Are you sure its the statue you’re honoured about, Cristiano?