The internet is very confused by Cristiano Ronaldo's shorts at the World Cup. 

Yes, well. Cristiano Ronaldo did something weird with his shorts at the World Cup and we all need to talk about it.

Overnight, Portugal lost against Uruguay in the World Cup with a finishing score of 2-1. The game was tight and tense throughout, but one bizarre moment dominated the discussion after.

When Ronaldo was given a free kick in the first half of the game, he pulled his shorts up waaaay past his knee, to make them look not dissimilar to undies.

Cristiano Ronaldo shorts world cup gives his legs more capacity to move freely?? Image via Getty.
Cristiano Ronaldo shorts world cup
Those veins though. Image via Getty.

We're no experts in soccer, so the reason for this choice is entirely unknown to us. Perhaps the leg-baring technique is used to give his legs more capacity to move freely, or maybe to intimidate his opponents. Unfortunately however, despite his best efforts, Ronaldo still missed the shot.

It's a bit of a bizarre choice, but hey, whatever is going to make you (try) score those goals, we ain't here to judge one of the best. Twitter, of course, was very quick to respond to Ronaldo's fashion statement/technique (we're not really sure what to call this to be honest).

Here are some of our favourite reactions...