After Julia swiped left to a man on Tinder, she started getting creepy messages.

When you swipe left on Tinder, it means that you’re not interested and that there will be no match. It should be… the end of it.

And that’s what Julia thought when she swiped life on one man’s Tinder account, but uh, it turns out he is terrible at handling rejection. Like seriously, the worst.

The man tracked her down on Instagram and sent her a number of very creepy messages harassing her for joining a dating app but not wanting to talk to him specifically.

Julia uploaded screenshots of the conversation to Twitter.

After telling the man “no” multiple times he just… kept… going, because clearly he was SUCH a nice guy and she was making a huge mistake!

“You have no reason to say no,” he wrote despite being the actual embodiment of the reason to say no.

The messages show him calling her irrational and an asshole who is going to choose some “f*ck boy child” over a “real man”.

Of course, he threw in a bit of gas lighting, telling her she was going against her own best interests in her rejection of him and that she had “issues”.

Plus, there was our personal favourite: “How am I creepy? Lol”.

angry child
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As he continued to spam her with messages, Julia responded multiple times to rightly tell him she owes him nothing and to ask him to leave her alone.

In the last screenshot (in which this dude's messages take up the ENTIRE screen) he told her she would love him if they had met in person which is DEFINITELY creepy.

"Why are you even alive?" he asked. "What's the point if you're just going to spread misery and negativity?"

The total lack of self awareness is astounding.

"What a waste..." he concluded.

And he's right. This has been a huge waste... of Julia's time.

It's infuriating to read how unreasonable and delusional this man is but this is a scary reality many women face when dating.



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