Madison was receiving unwanted texts from a guy. So she made one simple, clever change.

There are limited options available when a guy has your number and you’re no longer interested but they will just NOT. STOP. TEXTING.

Sometimes, you need to get a little creative.

That’s exactly what Madison Iseman, an actress who plays Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter on sitcom Still The King, decided to do when she gave her number to a guy she was not all that into.

Who is ready for dinner, me

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The 20-year-old revealed she changed the guy’s number to ‘God’ and now she is #blessed with a daily dose of encouragement.

“Gave a random guy my number one night with the intention of never responding,” she shared.

“Got creepy so I changed his name.”

god text
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Now, every few days, Madison receives a text from the Lord Almighty telling her to "have a successful day" and asking her to join him for a hike.

Inspiring, no?

god text
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As hilarious as Madison's move is, there's definitely something to be said for the man who clearly hasn't realised his advances are very, very unwanted.

It's something the actress' fans even asked her, and her response was something all women can relate to.

Madison explained the man was actually around 40 years old and "pressured" her into giving him her number.

"I should've said no but got uncomfortable and caved," she wrote.

Other women told their own stories of why they shared their numbers with men, even when they didn't want to.

"It is so much easier and safer to just give up the number instead of saying no," one fan wrote.

While we agree that changing his name in your phone is a good way to up the hilarity and reduce your anxiety about receiving messages, if things persist and get too creepy, it's best to just hit 'block number' and move on.

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