"I had a dream my mother died. Hours later, the most spine-chilling thing happened."

We’ve all had creepy or unsettling experiences. Most of the time what seemed terrifying in that moment is later explained away logically.

And then sometimes, it isn’t.

Redditor raethedroog6 wanted to uncover the “creepiest thing” fellow users had experienced, paranormal or otherwise.

From close calls with intruders to horrifying coincidences – these are the events that have stayed with redditors for years to come.

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Rayraywilliamson described the coincidental dream they had the night before their mother died.

“One night, I dreamed my mother died. My brothers, my father, and I were lowering his casket into the ground and I felt incredible loss and pain,” they said.

Rayraywilliamson decided to send their mother a text to tell her about the dream and also say “I love you”.

“She responded saying how awful that was and that she loved me too and the she was ‘very much alive’.”

“At 2PM the same day I get a call from my dad. He had found my mom unresponsive on the kitchen floor and was following an ambulance to the hospital. My mother died that day.”

The Reddit user said they were glad they had told their mum they loved her, thanks to the dream.

Badgerbrews shared a similar tale about waking up with a nightmare, later finding out it was the exact moment his cousin got into his car ahead of a crash that killed him.

Sometimes you really should be terrified. (Image via iStock.)

Sassymatty told of a family friend whose bond with her sister seemed to go beyond the grave.

"Friend of the family, her sister died in her sleep when she was 5 and friend was 13. They used to listen to Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" on repeat for hours, it was very much their song."

"After she died the friend went to go play the CD (or tape) when all of a sudden it start skipping/repeating the chorus "Wake Me Up" around 20 times. Friend has not been able to listen to that song since then."

Squatsandpancakes told of discovering a cabin in the woods that never really existed.

"I saw a cabin, run down, abandoned, on a trail I have now walked on hundreds of times. I've never seen it again. I have no idea what I saw or what I heard, but I saw a cabin and I heard someone chasing me."

However, not all the stories had supernatural themes, many were tales of close calls - proving that trusting your instincts might just save your life.

A woman travelling across her home country with her husband was saved from a possible attack late at night at a public toilet outside a small store thanks to her instincts.


"As I walked in a woman stepped out of one of the stalls and stared at me. She was probably in her late 50s, her grey hair was sticking in every direction and she had the scariest look on her face, it was almost hungry," wanderluststricken explained.

The traveller explained that the woman remained still inside the bathroom then pretended to leave as wanderluststricken was in the stall.

"I reached to unlock the stall door, but something stopped me. I stood as a statue and held my breath without realising and that's when I heard her breathing."

The woman stayed in the stall for 20 minutes to wait for the older lady to leave.

"I waited near the door until a large man was leaving. I slipped out the front door behind him and sure enough, crouched right outside the exit was the woman. I think the man intimidated her because she took a quick step toward me, looked up at him and turned around."

One Redditor saw a house that never existed. (Image via iStock.)

Perhaps the creepiest tale of all was from a woman who could have been the victim of an attack if not for her trusty pet dog.

"About a year ago I lived in a fairly nice apartment complex with my bf and dog. My bf was working that night so I was home alone with my pup watching netflix. Ever so faintly I hear a "tap tap" and the sound seemed to be coming from my living room window," JesstheMess1016 explained.

The woman ignored the sound at first, then grabbed her baseball bat and yelled out, "Whoever is out there better leave. I'm armed".

"As soon as I finished, the tapping turned into a LOUD "knock knock knock" and at this point my dog starts viciously growling and barking."

JesstheMess1016 said she called the police who discovered footprints outside her window, but concluded it was just kids playing pranks.

"A week later my apartment issued an email to the community stating someone had broken into a females apartment and raped her and that there would be a 24 hour police presence monitoring the community. They tricked their victim into opening their front door by knocking/tapping on the window and quickly over powered them."

"I didn't sleep easy for a while."

And after reading these stories, neither will we.