The creepy couple selfie that is making everyone freak out.

Usually couple selfies induce a like, an “awww” and that’s about it before the scrolling continues. But a creepy selfie of one loved up couple has got the world stopping and staring for completely different reasons.

Upon first glance, the image simply looks like just another loved up couple sharing a happy moment via social media. ‘Maybe they’re on holiday,’ we thought. ‘Perhaps it’s their anniversary?’

So what is it that we’re meant to be looking at exactly? We’ll give it a couple of seconds and you’ll see what we saw. And if you still can’t see it, we’ll give you a clue. Look for the third face in the photo.

There’s the man’s, the woman’s, and… the other woman LOOKING BACK AT YOU FROM THE WINDOW REFLECTION.

Image via Twitter.

The face appears from the woman’s al-amirs perfectly, as though she’s simply turning her head to look towards the camera. Except that her face is on the other side of her body, looking at the camera. And no double face appears on the back of her partner’s head, so we’re still not really sure as to how this is working.

Originating from, a website that allows users to doctor their images, the shot was then shared on Twitter by user @itsthemans with the caption, “What kinda devilish ting is going on?”

Naturally, the internet is becoming quickly obsessed with the image and it has since been shared almost 20,000 times.

While some Twitter users think the face is an optical illusion, others have suggested the appearance could be because of the shutter speed on the camera, claiming that a rolling shutter would allow the face to be photographed twice while still appearing in the one shot.

Others (read: me) are pretty sure of exactly what’s going on here. It’s the second coming of Professor Quirrell, obviously.

Professor Quirrell feat. Lord Voldemort. Source: Pottermore.