How to have a creative holiday season.

Thanks to our brand partner, LEGO

Christmas is a time for little imaginations to run wild.

It’s a time to tell stories and believe in fantasies, and create magical worlds with your children. We bake, make, craft and build, filling our homes with delicacies and decorations that give this special time more meaning.

Whether it’s a home-made Christmas star, a LEGO bauble for the tree or to decorate the table, the beauty of Christmas really is in the eye of the beholder.

You don’t have to be one of those crafty types or a master chef to be able to make Christmas special there are some easy things for those of us lacking in that department to get involved in – things that will have just as much meaning for your kids because you did it together.

1. Make your own Chrissy cards.

Why not make a pile of Christmas cards for family and friends and blow their minds with the home-made touch from your kids? All you need is some stiff paper and some green trees or shiny stars to stick on it.

2. Make a LEGO Santa sleigh.

Did you hear that this Christmas Santa’s sleigh is broken? The good folk at LEGO are hoping to inspire the children of Australia to re-imagine Santa’s sleigh and build their own as part of the LEGO Christmas campaign. Of course, it’s okay to help them out – what parent could resist – but careful, once you start re-designing Santa’s sleigh you might get carried away with your own ideas.

Here's the Turbo Sleigh. Image: Supplied.

Will it be a double decker? Will there be a special area for Rudolf to have a rest? Will it be turbo boosted or a rocket sleigh?

They can even enter their design in the Help Santa Save Christmas Competition and win LEGO sets for a year!

3. Paddle pop stars.

You can either buy the coloured “paddle pop sticks” or just use the ones left over from all those ice blocks and paint them. Glue the sticks together to make a star shape with PVA glue, cover in glitter and use a ribbon to hang.

4. Toilet-roll Santas.

Whether they’re for the Christmas tree or the table top, a toilet roll Santa is the ultimate home-made decoration. You’ll need some red, white and black felt sheets to make his clothes, some cotton balls for his beard and some of those little googly eyes to bring him to life. Even he ends up looking a little more freaky than festive, the kids will have fun making him.


5. Make a LEGO bauble for the Christmas tree.

Who knew that you could use your LEGO bricks to make Christmas baubles for the tree? Not only will it get the kids’ creative juices flowing but you’ll end up with a tree so personalised that you’ll never want to take it down.

You can follow an online guide, or just let the kids go crazy with colour. After all LEGO is perfect for keeping the kids entertained with their own imaginations.

A super creative way to create a personalised tree. Image: Supplied.

6. While the LEGO is out – build a LEGO Christmas tree or Gingerbread house.

A cute LEGO Christmas tree or Gingerbread house can be made with the existing LEGO bricks you have in the toy box. You can decorate the tree with cute “brick” presents… just remind your little LEGO fans not to open them before Christmas morning. The Gingerbread house looks easier to build than an edible one – and it will last longer too.

7. Make your own Christmas crackers.

This saves on the cost and keeps the kids busy. All you need is more of those empty toilet roll holders, crepe paper, thin ribbon for the ends and a toy for inside – LEGO bricks or Minifigures are the perfect idea. They are tiny and something every child will be thrilled with.

Lastly, get out your old joke book and write out a joke for each cracker. Just put the LEGO Minifigure and the joke inside the toilet roll, cover it in crepe paper and tie the ends with a ribbon. You can decorate it with stickers or glitter and tinsel or anything festive you have lying around.

With a little bit of imagination – and the help of LEGO bricks – Christmas can bring magic to every family.

How are you going to get creative this Christmas?