Six 'crazy cat lady' purchases we'll be making thanks to Jessica Rowe.

Jessica Rowe has reclaimed the cat-obsessed-woman label as something stylish and brilliant. Bravo.

Move over normcore, the ’80s resurgence and lace everywhere, there’s just one trend we want to be wearing this season and it’s a little, ahem, unconventional.

Once a derogatory stereotype, the ‘crazy cat lady’ character is now taking over fashion and Jessica Rowe is spearheading the movement.

Reclaiming the title, the Studio 10 host regularly shares her feline-inspired fashion choices on Instagram – complete with the #crazycatlady hashtag – and she’s had some pretty purrfect ones recently.

Hooray it’s Friday arvo- made it! #alfie #crazycatlady

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Here are the six crazy cat lady fashion purchases we’ll be making thanks to her.

1. Cat A-Line dress, $87.24

After she appeared in the Sunday Telegraph in this quirky orange number, fans were inundating Rowe with questions about where to buy it. Available from online store Dezzal, it’s certainly a statement maker.


2. Siamese cat shirt, $65

Chic, pastel AND suitable to wear in the workplace? This Oasis shirt is a serious all-rounder.


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3. Cat “British Short Hair” Nightie, $39.95

From bed to school pick up, Rowe can’t get enough of this Sleep Squared nightie-cum-t-shirt – and now neither can we. Even better, you can even get a picture of your own pet emblazoned on a custom top.

4. Cat Pyjamas, $60

Sensing a theme here? While Rowe’s exact pyjamas are no longer available, we love Peter Alexander’s ‘All you need is love and a cat’ cartoon pyjama set from his Plus collection.

School pickup pj’s… #craphousewife

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5. ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ nails, various.

Try your local nail salon or nail art specialists like I Scream Nails and Trophy Wife for Rowe-inspired feline fingertips.

On our way! Holiday hair! #craphousewifegoeswild

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6. ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ eye mask, $29.95

Perfect for a cat nap.

Image: Peter Alexander.