The craziest, strangest baby names to enter the charts.

Parents, this is why we can’t have nice things.

As someone who’s grown up with a unique name, I’m not on the whole “I want the most unique baby name in the whole world” train. (While we’re on names, check out these newcomers kicking the classics out of the charts.)

I’ve heard from the Kate’s of the world and the Sarah’s, how annoying it is to be in a class full of five others with your name. How they wished that they would’ve been the only one of their kind with their name.

Well, from someone who was always the only one with her name, it’s not as lovely as you might think.

Unfortunately, parents are just going crazier and crazier with their baby name choice (so much so that even midwives and nurses are judging parents on their baby name choice, read about it here.)

So much so that newborns are doing this from day one:

"Noooooo." Image via iStock.

And this:

"Are you kidding me?" Image via iStock.

The latest list of names has been released in the US and Nameberry says there were 1393 baby names that were brand new entries to the charts.

But before you go check all of them out here, I would like to warn you that you most likely won't be using them for your next bub.

I took a look at the list that Nameberry provided, as well as, the very long list from the US Social security website.

These are the 12 baby names that I am judging parents for choosing for their babies.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery (and let me know in the comments below what's the craziest baby name you've ever heard):


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