Craigslist: The newest place where people are looking for public sex.

It wasn’t that long ago that arranging a random hookup took a splash of courage and perhaps a nip of vodka. Now it seems Sydney-siders prefer to use Craigslist to find a kinky companion.

The North Shore Times has uncovered numerous advertisements placed on the site from people seeking steamy trysts in public places across Sydney, some of the most disturbing of which are planned for public parks and even shopping centre restrooms.

It’s the latter, in particular, that’s getting locals worried.

According to The Daily Telegraph, an ad appeared late last week in which a 60-year-old man requested “white guys, slim and toned, 18-23 years old” to engage in a sex act in the toilets at Chatswood Chase or Westfield shopping centres.

A local woman who shops at the centre told the paper she would never let her child enter the toilets alone. “It is disgusting to hear someone would be doing this in a public place,” said Megan Heath. “It is a big concern for parents because if these kinds of people are in the toilets then it raises questions about whether a child might be approached.”

A quick search on Craiglists’ Sydney site spits out teasers like, “Any girls up for public fun near RHTC??[Rouse Hill Town Centre]”, “BJ for tradies – Public toilet” and “Exhibitionist sex…Might get caught sex?”. In that last one the gentleman poster lists “city parking garages, hotel boardrooms and saunas, change rooms, city gyms” as possible locations for the romping rendezvous.

Via Craigslist.

Police can't act on posts such as these - there's nothing illegal about them. But as North Shore LAC crime co-ordinator Sergeant Scott Horwood told The North Shore Times, “If there was an act and it was reported then we would investigate and could charge someone for offensive conduct if they were found to be performing a sexual act in a public place,” he said.

So Kinky Craigslisters, please think of the rest of us and stay in when you get it in on. Okay?

Here's a few tips for better (private) sex...

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