When two cows having an erm, good time, photo bomb your wedding snap.

We’ve seen a beluga whale photo bomb a wedding photo shoot before.

We’ve seen sunbakers, and dolphins and cat poo and a delightful chap dressed up as Where’s Wally (they’re all right here, in case you’re wondering).

But what we HAVEN’T seen, ya filthy animals, is two cows gettin’ down and dirty as a backdrop for pure holy matrimony.

Until now.

Janessa McKillen and her shiny new husband, Brad, got married last weekend in Ontario, Canada. And like the wholesome good couple they are, decided to take some snaps at the family farm where Janessa grew up.

Because nature and air and trees and mother Earth and nostalgia and new beginnings etc etc etc.

The duo’s wedding photographer told them to strike a pose in front of the animals because, and I quote, photos in front of some muddy cows would be “different and fun”.

What does a “different” and “fun” wedding photo look like, you ask?

Very fun indeed.

This is EXACTLY what we all needed to see after a week like the one we’ve had. That said, here are some more of our favourite animal photo bombs of all time.

(I’ll accept chocolates and cups of tea in the mail.)