VIRAL: Real couples ask each other, "Am I the best sex you've ever had?"

You’re about to meet some of the bravest humans on the planet.

Except… What they do here is in the same bravery category as, oh, riding a unicycle backwards over a chasm as vast as the Grand Canyon. Juggling baby goats. Wearing strategically placed slices of cheese as a blindfold.

Basically, every single person here’s middle name is Danger. Or, Idiot.

Watch these real actual genuine couples ask each other: “Am I the best sex you’ve ever had?”

The results are amazing.

We do not recommend trying this at home… But if you did, how do you think it’d go down with the person you love?

Go through all the possible feelings here and pick one: Which Very Awkward Couple’s Reaction Are You? 

1. Pure fear and/or hiding your emotions behind sunglasses

You have 100% had much better sex with someone else. Estimated time left in this relationship: 5 minutes.

2. Profound awkwardness

You use eye contact to dare one another to be honest but also cannot remember why you started sleeping with this person in the first place.

3. Unbridled sexiness and acceptance

You need to be left alone immediately because you find each other so powerfully attractive you must have the best sex of your life immediately.

4. Sweet, naive honesty

Aw. You beautiful, beautiful idiots.

5. Hilarious awesomeness

You high-five each other because your partner is the best hetero sex you’ve ever had, and you’re a total goddamn delight.

All of this beautiful craziness aside – isn’t it wonderfully refreshing to see real people with real faces and real relationships ask each other painfully real questions?

More of this please, director Topaz Adizes. More of this please, humanity.