A mind-blowing number of couples would let their partners sleep with someone else.

Free passes are a thing. A big thing.

No, not celebrity free passes, which are for all those times Ryan Gosling declares his undying love for you, or Scarlett Johansson is infatuated with your boyfriend.

Free passes to cheat with anyone are apparently a thing.

18% of of the 1,000 men and women surveyed by OnePulse in London would willingly allow their partner to sleep with someone else.

7% would actually suggest it.

(Which would be welcomed by 21% of participants, who would happily use the opportunity to get their rocks off with someone else.)

This survey shows two things:

First off, it shows how important sex really is in a relationship.

‘Permission’ to cheat aside, the survey found 30% of married people would break up with their partner if they no longer wanted to sleep with that person. 42% of those in relationships (but not married) would do the same thing.


Second off, the survey shows how delusional idealistic our minds can be.

The key here is the ‘permission’. As if, by allowing our partner to have “sexual relations with that woman”, we are still in control of the situation.

As if, by having the discussion, and granting or receiving a free pass, we are empowered – not jealous, or selfish. We’d also probably feel self-righteous, right? Because we’re problem solving (or distracting each other) and being “open-minded” (or in denial) in order to save the relationship. 

Until of course, the night comes when you’re home alone, eating ice cream, in your pyjamas thinking of him or her out there dancing, laughing, flirting, doing whatever they can to use that free pass… Then I’m not sure if the ’empowerment’ would feel so liberating, or how good you’d feel about doing what you needed to do to save the relationship.

But I could be wrong. Maybe you’d also be out, and doing whatever you can to use that free pass as well.



Wouldn’t it be nicer if it wasn’t necessary? And you could do all that dancing, laughing, flirting and sex with the person you are committed to? No passes needed (unless it’s for Gosling, of course!)

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