Honeymooners left sleeping on airport floor after saving a flight from disaster.

A newlywed couple have spoken of their deplorable treatment after they discovered fuel was leaking from the United Airlines plane they had boarded.

Mike and Rachel Brumfield were aboard the evening flight from New Jersey to Venice, Italy on Tuesday 13 June for their honeymoon when they noticed fuel gushing from the plane’s wings.

Rachel, 28, told the New York Post her husband had run through the plane – which was on its way to the runway – to let the crew know what was going on, but they “yelled at him” to sit down.

Fuel was gushing from the plane's wing. (Image via Facebook/Mike Brumfield.)

Thankfully the couple finally convinced the staff to avoid a potential disaster, but that wasn't the end of their nightmare.

Passengers were evacuated and the flight was cancelled, with customers then given hotel vouchers to stay overnight while the airline tried to get them on flights Wednesday morning.

Only Mike and Rachel never received their hotel voucher. Instead, they were left to sleep on the Newark airport floor. Adding to their stress was that they were due to join a cruise that departed Venice on Thursday morning.

Mike posted a photo of his wife curled up using a suitcase as a pillow on Facebook the next morning, writing: "My beautiful bride on our honeymoon. Thank you, United Airlines."

Rachel and Mike weren't given a place to stay. (Image via Facebook/Mike Brumfield.)

"We saved your United flight 170 from possibly crashing into the Atlantic, you praised us saying you'd take GOOOOD care of us, then cancelled the flight and disappeared.

"We landed 11 hours ago. We're stranded. Every hotel booked. And they have no idea where our luggage is and don't seem to care.

"We're supposed to be in Venice right now, starting a romantic day. But, luckily, several United Airlines employees have been super rude to us, so at least there's that!"

The couple told the New York Post they were booked on a Delta flight Wednesday night, but their accommodation hadn't been organised and they were only given a food voucher.

The couple were on their way to their honeymoon. (Image via Facebook/Mike Brumfield.)

It was only when a fellow passenger - who wanted to share their appreciation for the couple having, well, basically saved their life - gave them their accommodation voucher so they could get some rest. But this was only at 7.30am the next day.

It's believed the couple made it to Italy in time for their cruise, but one thing is for sure - United Airlines has lost at least two more customers.

"I will never fly United again," Rachel said. "Every person there was awful."

In a statement on Wednesday, United Airlines apologised to customers "for the inconvenience".

"Our team helped provide customers with hotel accommodations for the night and are working to get them back on their way to Venice (Wednesday)."