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These cringe-worthy couple photos will make you glad you're single.

Here is definitive proof that things that may seem like a good idea at the time, are not always a good thing. At all.

We’re all familiar with the couple selfie – you want to take a picture that will last a lifetime, something to remember that particular moment by.

But, Instagram is here to testify that this is not always the case. And that what may have started off as #romantic becomes rather #awkward.

Like this #couplefail….

Because nothing says true #love like a portrait of me, fully clothed, and he in his daks.

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Or any of these. Because nothing says true love like eating a banana together from either end.

And then there’s this. We’re not even sure what to say about it but we know for sure that it doesn’t say #romance so much as #creepy.


Last, but definitely not least, of all is a double whammy.

Flashback to a trendier time.

What about you, do you have a cringe-worthy couple moment to share?