This couple tried to take a romantic photo and it went terribly, terribly wrong.

When Elaina Vecchio dressed up to head out on the weekend and decided to take some pre-event snaps, she probably had no inkling that she would become a viral sensation saturating so many Twitter feeds.

But that’s exactly what happened.

After posting a photo on Twitter at the weekend, Vecchio’s shot has since been re-tweeted over 74,000 times and liked by over 170,000 people.

And it’s not hard to see why:

The three photos, which detail the evolution of the couple going from romantic duo ready for a night out to falling head first into a pool of water, have captured the internet’s attention.

“When taking pictures with your bae goes wrong,” she wrote.

According to The Mirror, the couple were dressed up for Vecchio’s graduation night before the mishap occurred.

However, it didn’t stop them from enjoying the night, with Vecchio acknowledging they didn’t even bother to really clean themselves up or get changed, tweeting, “people keep staring at us wondering why we’re drenched.”

Between the various tweets asking “Oh my god, how does that even happen?” and others declaring they could definitely see themselves in the same scenario, Vecchio has been inundated with requests about every detail of her outfit.

So, I guess if anyone wins here, it’s the clothing company.

Taryn Brumfitt on what’s it like to have a photo break the internet.

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