Can you guess which country has the most spoiled brats?

Sweden is the home to the most spoiled brats in the world.

Yep, the third-largest country in the European Union, the one that produced our beloved ABBA, is one to avoid if tantrum-throwing children are not your thing.

It seems Sweden's liberal approach to parenting is to blame. They're not into discipline. As a result, the kids are running riot.

OK, so we applaud the Swedes for being the first nation to ban smacking in 1979. But maybe the occasional time-out would help.

The problem has become so bad that prominent psychiatrist David Eberhard has released a book: How Children Took Power.

"We live in a culture where so-called experts say children are 'competent' and the conclusion is that children should decide what to eat, what to wear and when to go to bed,'' Mr Eberhard told the Telegraph in London. ''If you have a dinner party, they never sit quietly. They interrupt. They're always in the centre. The problem is that when they become young adults, they take with them the expectation that everything is centred around them, which makes them very disappointed.''

He said children even get to pick where the family will go on holiday.

As a result of this less-than-ideal upbringing, these children are growing into adolescents and young people who are completely incapable of saying 'please', 'thank you' and standing up for pregnant and elderly people on public transport.

These teens aren't turning up to school and as a result the nations education performance is declining.


Time to parent folks.

Mr Eberhard wants a return to an 'authoritarian' parenting approach. ''There's no scientific evidence that an authoritarian upbringing is harmful to kids,'' he said. ''You can take command in the family. The family is not a democracy.''

He even goes so far as to blame influential Danish child psychologist Jesper Juul for the current state of Sweden's children. Juul's 1995 book Your Competent Child which encouraged a more gentle approach to parenting and claimed traditional hierarchical family structures were damaging.

Hmm, might be time to close the bridge/tunnel that connects the two countries.

Mr Eberhard said. ''If you say, 'I'm putting forward a stricter way', people think you're an idiot.''

Do you think children respond better to authoritarian parenting or a more gentle approach?

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