Could there be a more sexist program on TV?

If you know of one that beats Ladette to Lady, please share with the group. Because I can't imagine what it might be. The premise of this show – which was an unexpected ratings success for 9 when it screened the UK version last year – is to take a bunch of wild, 'uncouth', hard-partying girls and send them to an uptight English boarding school to suck the life out of them.

All their fiestiness and spirit is replaced with lessons in sewing and cooking and walking around with books balanced on their heads. The whole thing is absurd and insulting and basically based on the premise of keeping women demure and passive and confined to the bedroom or kitchen. Gag.
Followed last night by Confessions of a Callgirl. Classssy.

A girlfriend emailed me this morning:

"I never thought I would be happy to hear a broad Australian accent until I heard the miner from Mt Isa say something like  "I feel like you are trying to make us in to men's little fuckdollies." 
All the cooking and serving and listening to old sexist men say old 
sexist revolting things. This girl was yelled at. They keep saying the 
word lady like it means something."

Are these the best two depictions we can come up with for women? Laddettes and ladies? I don't want to be either thanks. What's next – a show called "Madonnas and Whores"?

I'm delighted to see that after pulling good ratings on the back of Underbelly, 500,000 fewer people returned for last night's episode. I was one of them. Vote with your remotes people….

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