The X-rated hack for relieving a baby's congestion that mums are VERY excited about.

Gather round children. Do we have a story for you.

It’s about a questionable, but reportedly very common method for relieving a baby’s chest congestion that’s gone viral because, well, you’ll see.

Earlier this week, American “breastfeeding and pregnancy support and education” company Melons and Cuties shared a photo of a parenting hack from one of their customers on Facebook.

“Our customer shares her remedy for chest congestion!! Use on baby’s back while sitting in a steamy bathroom. Brilliant!!!” the caption read alongside an image of a newborn baby in an adorable leopard print onesie, with a vibrator held against its back.

Yes, the same kind of vibrator you may or may not be intimately familiar with.

Since it went live on Tuesday, the viral post has over 10,000 comments, a large majority of which are supportive, hilarious and deeply traumatising.

“HILARIOUS!!! But also a BRILLIANT representation of how motherhood requires you to be resourceful lol REAL LIFE,” one commenter accurately wrote.

“Funny thing about the respiratory system, its located in my vagina,” added another.

Another commenter wrote, “Mom the baby is crying! Mom: go get my vibrator!!”

“I remember the first time my son found my vibrator. I don’t know why i didn’t think to tell him it was for chest congestion,” wrote another.

One woman wrote, “Works different with me! My breathing goes funny and I start screaming.”

Commenters also shared other sex toys that might also help for breaking up congestion. Some genuine, others… not.

melons and cuties post
Hmmm OK. Image: Facebook.
melons and cuties post
Right. Image: Facebook.
melons and cuties post
UM. Image: Facebook.
melons and cuties post

Surprisingly, many health workers commented on the post, saying this is a common practice in hospitals and Neonatal Intensive Care Units. A vibrator reportedly also does wonders for clogged milk ducts.

"We were in the NICU at Cook children's Ft. Worth and the respiratory team had vibrators of all sizes for this. My husband about lost his mind the first time they used one on our baby. They are perfect for the job!" a commenter wrote.

"Some NICUs roll them up in receiving blankets and set them against the preemie’s back for comfort and soothing," wrote another.

Despite some inevitable negative comments, many were supportive and empathetic to the hell of having a sick baby.

"Just because something has a sexual purpose some of the time does not mean that’s the only thing it’s good for. This logic also applies to people," one said.

"Having a sick child can be hellish. Within reason I say whatever works."

Another added, "We can laugh and make jokes all we want lol... but this is actually a genius idea to help gently dislodge mucus."

Speaking to Mamamia, Melons and Cuties said they had no qualms about sharing the unorthodox hack sent to them from the customer.

"It is commonly used and not a shock to me, but as I know many are suffering this cold and flu season... I wanted to spread the information for moms in the trenches who may need the non-traditional remedy for loosening mucous in the lungs and preventing further infection," they said.

"That’s all we want! To help moms and babies! Lots have asked me what I expected from this post. Well I expected 3-20 positive and supportive likes and shares like I usually get when I post of course, what else? I don’t get easily offended so the negatives don’t bother me as long as no one is shamed."

As many in the comments said, whatever works for you!

Have you heard of mums using this hack with their babies before? Tell us in the comments!

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