"I tried cotton milk baby products with my 1-year-old to see if it actually makes a difference. Here’s my verdict."

Thanks to our brand partner, Swisspers

I have a confession: I have been a massive fan of baby products long before even having kids.  

They always tend to be much gentler on the skin and you just know, more than any other product, they'll give you that silky smooth feeling.

But, finding baby products that suits your family’s needs can be a real struggle. What works for one child won’t necessarily be the best choice for your other children.

After having our second baby, you would think I would have this baby product business down pat but to be honest, both of my boys have such different skin. My youngest son, Archie, who is almost 18 months, has far more sensitive skin than my 3-year-old. Naturally, as a result, I've become rather picky in this space.

So when I heard Swisspers® launched a new cotton milk baby range, I was intrigued. 

The range — which includes the Swisspers® Soothing Moisturiser, the Swisspers® Hair & Body Wash, and the Swisspers® Gentle Shampoo — uses a brand new ingredient which differentiates it from other baby products.

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The hero ingredient? Cotton milk, which means that it has all the good natural oils found in cotton. The range is dermatologically tested, and naturally rich in Omega 6 and 9, which help soothe dry skin. 

This was music to my ears, especially when I think of Archie, who can sometimes experience severe dryness on his legs and back. The products are also infused with organic aloe vera and Vitamin E, all while being hypoallergenic, which meant I had little concerns about how the range would interact with his sensitive skin. The moisturiser also has organic shea butter which is always a great ingredient for most babies' skin.


Immediately, I knew I had to give it a try. For the products to be declared a success in our household, we had two key points in our criteria. 

First, it needed to not aggravate Archie's dryness even further. And the second, it had to actually provide some relief. If it did those two things, it would be a game-changer for our family. 

Both my boys absolutely love bath time — especially after a long day — so we like to make it easy and fun. My oldest, Arlo, often ends up in tears when it's time to hop out. 

So, any new product that produces lots of bubbles was bound to excite him. When I showed him the new Swisspers® range, he immediately said "are these new bubbles for me?". (Any bath, body or hair products are affectionately called 'bubbles' in our household.)

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Arlo, unlike his younger brother, doesn't have sensitive skin, so we thought it was best to give him a bath first with the new products. That way, we could get a feel for them. 

Immediately, I was impressed with how silky soft the body wash was. It felt so calming and Arlo loved it. Once dried and moisturised, I could feel a noticeable difference in his skin. 

After its successful run with Arlo, we decided to put the range to the ultimate test by seeing how Archie's skin reacted to it.

Running a bath for the both of them, their eyes lit up as the bubbles grew in the tub (I used the Swisspers® Hair & Body Wash for maximum bubbles) and immediately jumped in. 

As any parent would know, you want and need your children to be as relaxed as possible before bed. So, I was so impressed to see how the range created a soothing atmosphere for the both of them. 


The shampoo was easy to use with one pump sufficient for each child. It worked so well, leaving Arlo and Archie's hair clean, shiny and most importantly, soft.

The two were having so much with all the bubbles that the only way I could get them out was with the promise that they could help put their moisturiser on.

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Like the body wash and shampoo, the Swissper® Soothing Moisturiser is also enriched with Australian cotton milk to be extra gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. 

To apply, all we needed to do is put a small amount in our hands and gently massage it all over the boys' skin after bathing. To ensure that no product was wasted, I would put some on my own skin which, I kid you not, felt like heaven. 

After using the range of a full week, I was able to notice a clear difference in both boys' skin, but especially, Archie who is prone to skin sensitivity. It helped ease the redness and irritation on his legs and back, which makes it a win in my books. 

I may not have heard about it before, but I'm starting to think cotton milk might actually be magic?

For over a decade, Swisspers® has been known for its expertise in pure, gentle cleansing. Now, they're changing the game all over again with their new Cotton Milk Baby Range. Find them at the Chemist Warehouse or the Swisspers® website.

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For over a decade, Swisspers® has been known for its expertise in pure, gentle cleansing. With a heritage in market-leading cotton care products, Swisspers® provides unrivalled softness nurtured through the natural fibres of Cotton and plant based purity & protection. Always innovating, Swisspers® is now introducing its new Baby care range infused with nourishing Cotton milk. Gentle, natural and pure, it’s a great choice for keeping your bubba’s skin as soft and pure as the day they were born. The Swisspers® Baby range includes a Soothing Moisturiser, a Gentle Shampoo and a Hair & Body Wash, everything you need to look after your little bundle of joy.