We've broken down the cost of Alex and Nikki's dates with Richie and it reveals A LOT.

On Thursday night, our first real clue that Alex might actually be Richie’s final choice on The Bachelor was her extravagant final date.

While Nikki sat in the Indonesian WILDERNESS with some goddamn MONKEYS crawling all over her, Alex was taken on a yacht the size of my entire apartment building.

But according to experts at ME Bank, we should’ve seen Richie’s final decision coming from Alex and Nikki’s very first single dates weeks ago.

On the first date of the season, Nikki was whisked away to a private beach via helicopter, but it seems that was nothing compared to the over-the-top Camilla-themed date Alex was treated to a few weeks later.

In fact, ME bank estimates that there could have been an almost $98,000 discrepancy between the cost of Nikki’s date, and the cost of Alex’s.

Nikki on her cheap-arse date. Image via Channel 10.

Frankly, we're ashamed we didn't pick up on this. Utterly ashamed. But here's ME's breakdown of the costs:

Nikki's helicopter-beach-rowboat date

Helicopter ride over Sydney Harbour to private beach = $600.00

Row boat hire for half a day - approximately $36 per hour x 4 = $144.00

Bouquet of flowers = $80.00

Picnic basket for two stocked with cheese and Antipasti = $55.00

2 x bottles of champage = approx. $100.00

Total = $979.00


Nikki and Richie's first date. Image via Channel 10.

How did we not notice this? A picnic? Seriously? With some cheese? Ummm where was Nikki's LAVISH GIFT? I feel so silly...

And here's ME Bank's breakdown for Alex's first date.

Alex's Camilla-high-tea-serenade date

Dyson hairdryer to get ready = $699.00

Chrysler limousine hire = $950.00

A Camilla dress = $699.00

Just a cheeky present on the way to the actual date. Image via Channel 10.

High tea at the InterContinental = $130.00

Hire for the InterContinental's rooftop lounge and pool area = $20,000.00

Private performance by Allen Stone = $60,000.00

First class travel for Allen Stone from Los Angeles to Sydney = $15,530.00

Accommodation for Allen Stone at The InterContinental = $727.00

Bottle of Mumm Sparkling = $149.00

Total = $98,844.00

The serenading definitely worked. Image via Channel 10.

After all those calculations, I feel like I should do a little quip about true love being PRICELESS, but... It just cost so much money.

Who knew who Allen Stone was, let alone that he would have cost over $75,000. Goodness me.

Of course, we probably should have seen Richie's final decision coming when Alex was treated to the chocolate bath. No one takes a chocolate bath with someone they're not willing to spend the rest of their life with. That's a fact.