Here's exactly how much it costs to be in your 20s.

We 20-somethings often get accused of over-spending. Just last month we were condemned of blowing our first-home deposit on (delicious, delicious) smashed avocado.

But how much does the average Aussie in their 20s actually shell out each month?

As part of its Cost of Living Series, Suncorp investigated the spending and saving habits of men and women aged 20 – 29 from around the country and arrived at the following figure:



When you open your wallet like…


It will hardly surprise anyone that most of the cash goes to housing and utilities, followed by food and drink.

But what may raise a few professionally-shaped eyebrows (a necessary outlay for any 20-something), is the finding that men outspend women in almost every category by roughly $504 a month.

And that includes clothing and shoes.

Of course, the figures varied from state to state, with Victorians proving the most thrifty, while West Australians were uncovered as the most likely to be doing this:


While 60 per cent of us believe we’re good with money, nearly half are feeling a tad worried about not being able to afford our own place or holidays.

Yes, we find the thought of going without those two things equally concerning, which basically just shows just how much we’ve given up on the Aussie housing market.

Besides, we’ve always got our 30s to be responsible, right? Right?

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