Most unlikley Cosmo sex positions recreated. In public.


Warning: The following article shows sex positions. Attempted sex positions, at least.

Now, THIS is brilliant.

Have you ever read a Cosmopolitan magazine and stumbled across a bunch of sex positions?

Usually titled something like ‘Sex Positions To Make You Go Wow and Meow’, etc?

And have you ever thought: THERE IS NO WAY I COULD DO THOSE?

Because you have a point. And in a stroke of brilliance (‘stroke’… Get it? Sex pun.) a couple in New York has attempted a bunch of Cosmo’s sex poses.

In public.

In flesh-coloured unitards.


Sex positions 2


The videos (below) are hilarious, with a hint of cute, awkward, and raunchy.

Sex positions 3

And good on Cosmo for sharing the videos and poking fun at themselves.

Poking. Get it?

So… have you nailed any of these sex positions? Nailed. Get it?

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