How Cory Bernardi accidentally raised $50,000, in 24 hours, for a cause he doesn't even support.

If you thought very little good could come from the hard-line conservative views of Cory Bernardi with regards to gender fluidity, perhaps this is your good news story for the day.

Because this is the story of how a single Bernardi tweet criticising boys in dresses managed to raise nearly $50,000 for young girls in Africa.

Here’s how it all happened.

On Wednesday afternoon, Bernardi tweeted about how a South Australian school organised a “wear a dress day”.

“This gender morphing is really getting absurd,” he wrote, linking his followers to a link to the primary school’s website.

It’s just that…uh… that link went to a fundraising page.

Here’s how the primary school explained the day:

Each year our student leaders consider holding a ‘gold coin’ charity fundraiser in Term 3 to raise money for people less fortunate than ourselves. This usually coincides with the last day of term with a ‘casual clothes day.’

This year the student leadership group has decided to raise funds for an organisation that supports the education of girls around the world who are denied an education. The ‘Do it in a Dress’ campaign is all about raising funds to educate girls in Africa.

So, to summarise, some 12-year-olds got together and decided to raise some money for young girls half way across the world so they can have access to an education.

Bernardi didn’t do his research. Bernardi now looks a little bit silly.

The school goes on:

On the last day of Term 3 we will be supporting the ’Do It In A Dress’ campaign, which means that for a gold coin donation students and staff can come to school wearing a ‘dress or casual clothes.’

The main thing of course is to focus on supporting the education of girls in Africa.

The money raised will go towards providing teachers, equipment like books and pencils, making schools safe for children to attend and providing an education so that girls can look forward to a positive future.

Okay, now, enter the ever-delightful Josh Thomas.

Josh Thomas saw Bernardi’s mistake, and decided to make good of it.





In under 24 hours, the fundraiser – because of Thomas’ ability to, you know, fact check – managed to raise nearly $50,000 for young girls in Africa, when their target was $900.

At the time of publishing, that equates to 161 girls educated.

Oh, but back to Bernardi. When asked about the tweets in an interview with The Advertiser, he said, “I’m so sorry! Good luck to the young kids!”

Haha. Just kidding.

“In the midst of a debate about the safe school gender ideology program, the redefinition of marriage and attempts to de-genderise society it seems this school is playing into a political cause rather than an educational one,” Senator Bernardi said.

“Why are we suddenly encouraging boys and male teachers to wear a dress?”


Because, charity?

Interested in donating to the kids at Craigburn Primary? Right this way…