Someone in our own government has thrown his support behind Donald Trump.

He can’t vote in the US and his opinion on its politics is largely irrelevant.

Yet Liberal senator Cory Bernadi has publicly thrown his support behind presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Unlike most of my colleagues Down Under, I’ll be cheering on a Trump victory,” he wrote on Wednesday in his weekly newsletter.

“I hope there’ll be something to celebrate.”

Senator Bernadi will "be cheering on a Trump victory". Image: Facebook.

The South Australian isn't as fervent as most of Trump's vocal supporters - in fact, he told ABC radio this morning the Republican nominee "isn't conservative enough" for him, and conceded in his newsletter that he's "unorthodox, deeply flawed and somewhat erratic".

But in Bernadi's eyes, compared to Hillary Clinton, he's the "least bad candidate".

“I disagree with a number of his policy positions, but there’s a lot of what he is saying that I do agree with,” Bernadi wrote.

“The hostility with which he has been treated by sections of the media, some political insiders and the militant left only reinforces the need for change.”

Hostility, eh? Senator Bernadi, may we remind you of a few things in the least hostile way we possibly can:

Donald Trump is due to face court over serious child rape allegations. His accuser, who was just 13 at the time of the alleged assault, today had to cancel a press conference due to threats that left her in "terrible fear".

Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by no less than ten women. All of whom he has threatened to sue.

Donald Trump said his wealth and fame meant he could "grab [women] right on the pussy".

Donald Trump said he "moved on" a married woman "like a bitch".

Donald Trump called a female lawyer "disgusting" when she asked for an adjournment to pump breast milk.

Donald Trump publicly threatened to lie and tell people Jennifer Hawkins was "not very bright" as revenge for a perceived snub at a 2003 event.

All true facts, Senator Bernadi. Does a Trump victory still sound like "something to celebrate"?

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