Is this mannequin actually a corpse?

Just look at the hands. LOOK AT THE HANDS.

In a small town in Mexico, there’s a bridal store that’s hiding a very morbid secret. Or so we’re assuming.

La Casa De Pascualita is famous in the town of Chihuahua because of their incredibly realistic looking mannequins.‘ So realistic-looking, in fact, that some are questioning whether this isn’t a mannequin at all.

In fact, the mannequin is actually something more sinister, something more… corpse-like.

Maybe it’s her eyes?

manneqin final 2
Although, those eye wrinkles. Image via Reddit.

No. Not her eyes.

Maybe it’s her hair?

manneqin final 3
The hairline is too perfect, but that hair… Image via Reddit.

Hmm, nah.

What about her hands?

manneqin final 4
OH GOD, THE HANDS. THE HANDS. Image via Reddit.

Oh… oh God… Her hands.

Click through all the photos before you reach a verdict… and then tell us what you think:

Mannequin or corpse?