The most creative things people are doing in isolation to remind us we're all in this together.

As the saying goes: when life gives you coronavirus, you make… Hang on.

Sorry. Got mixed up there for a second.

What we meant to say is, right now, there’s a very good chance your daily life has been uprooted by COVID-19 in one way or another.

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Whether you’re working from home or trying to figure out what to do with the kids when they’re not in school (or both), or planning for lock down or worrying about those vulnerable contracting the virus (or all the above), we’re all adapting to a new normal that could go on for months.

At the time of publishing, many Australians are self-isolating following advice from the government to begin social distancing. Some places, like Italy and Hong Kong, have been doing just that in lock down for weeks now.

But rather than morph into the couch or wear the same pair of undies for three days straight, they’ve made some tasty lemonade with life’s sour lemons. The result? So much creative content on the internet for all of us to enjoy. Safely, of course.

Here’s just a snippet of the creative things people around the world are doing to pass the time in isolation.

Neighbourhood bands.

Probably the most wholesome thing to come out of the rapidly changing COVID-19 news cycle is the series of videos of people starting bands with their neighbours.

Watch them and just try not to feel better about the world.




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This is beautiful. A testament to the human spirit. Let’s stick together, y’all ♥️⠀ ⠀ ????: David Allegranti

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Also, don’t forget this guy who won’t let a contagious disease stop him from partying.


Creative workouts.

In Seville, Spain, isolation isn’t a good enough excuse to skip your workout.

As is seen in this video, the residents of one apartment block are enjoying a social distancing group class from their balconies thanks to a fitness instructor’s creativity.


Or, you could just dance like these good people in Naples and Milan, Italy.


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Quarantine dance party ???? can’t stop us now!!! ????: @gra.gra.b

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???? ????: gossipposo

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Self-isolation holidays.

No more holiday thanks to COVID-19? No problem. (Well, actually, very big problem, but onwards…)

Make like this Melbourne couple, who posted footage to Twitter that shows them trying to replicate their vacation experience at home after their cruise was cancelled.



Communal lock down dinners.

Oh, and trust the Italians to come up with a way to still come together to enjoy a meal, even in isolation.


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Italians still find a way to eat together! ????⁠ ⁠ ( #???? @casasurace )

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All the hand washing content.

As if you needed another reminder (???), people have been making some very engaging content on how gloriously great it is to wash your hands right now.


Including the best experiment from a teacher we’ve seen to teach kids why hand washing is king.


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When you pull out your hand sanitizer in front of your friends

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Even Mamamia’s own Jessie Stephens came up with a hand washing song to the tune of Destiny’s Child banger ‘Say My Name’ while in quarantine for two weeks.

It’s… a lot.

For now, no one can say how much longer the world will be in lock down to fight the spread of COVID-19. So please, keep this great content coming!

And on a slightly more serious note, who knows what inventions humankind will come up with (beyond TikTok videos) in the foreseeable future of isolation and social distancing?

After all, during the plague, Isaac Newton discovered gravity… No pressure, though.

Feature image: Instagram/@upworthy and @goodnews_movement.

Have you seen any great content online of people making the best of their lock down circumstances? Tell us about it in the comments!