Before 'The Rape of Two Coreys', Corey Feldman appeared in the documentary 'An Open Secret'.

On March 9, 2020, 48-year-old Corey Feldman, best known for his work as a child actor in films Stand by Me and The Goonies, will release a documentary titled My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys.

The second ‘Corey’ refers to Corey Haim, who Feldman appeared alongside in 1987 film The Lost Boys. Feldman says it wasn’t long before Haim confided in him that he’d “allowed himself to be sodomised” on the set of the film Lucas.

The documentary, which will air just once at the same time worldwide via a global stream on March 9, will feature interviews with former co-stars of the Coreys, including Keith Coogan, Jamison Newlander, Susie Feldman, and the late Kristoff St John, speaking about the topic of child abuse in Hollywood.

“I am able to say the names of who did what and the details of who did what,” Feldman confirmed about the film.

My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys will be aired in a worldwide stream on March 9, 2020. Post continues below.

“There is going to be people who are going to be very unhappy that this is coming out. People who want it silenced. Nothing can stop it at this point. That’s why we’re only showing it one time. We want to get it out. I’ve done my job, I’ve kept my promise.”


But this isn’t the first time Feldman has attempted to tell his story about an alleged pedophile ring operating in Hollywood.

In 2011, Gabe Hoffman and Matthew Valentinas approached director Amy J. Berg, a director known for her work exposing the systemic paedophilia in the Catholic Church, and asked if she would help them make a documentary exposing the sexual exploitation of young people in Hollywood.

Berg told the story of five alleged victims, including Corey Feldman, in the documentary Open Secret which was released in 2014.

For her work on Deliver Us From Evil, a documentary film that exposed Catholic priest Oliver O’Grady, who molested and raped at least 25 children in Northern California, Berg received an Oscar nomination.

For an Open Secret, she couldn’t even find a distributor.

It was rejected from a number of film festivals, dubbed “the film Hollywood doesn’t want you to see”.

The team uncovered evidence of a paedophile ring in Hollywood, which included managers, agents, publicists and directors.

Most of the film focuses on Marc Collins-Rector, a co-owner of Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), who preyed on young boys and teenagers. He has subsequently been convicted of child sexual abuse.

Child actor Evan Henzi appears in the documentary, telling of how at 11 years old, his manager Martin Weiss began assaulting him. In 2012, Weiss pleaded no contest to two counts of child molestation.


The documentary also features an interview with Vanity Fair journalist John Connolly, who states that an article investigating pedophilia in Hollywood was due to be published in Details magazine, but was dropped at the last minute.

Flavorwire commended the “quietly horrifying” film, which “details the trauma and the abuse of power inflicted on young men with stars in their eyes”.

You can watch Open Secret online for free, right here.

In an interview in May of 2016, Feldman told The Hollywood Reporter that predators within the industry “groom” their victims, who are passed “back and forth” between them.

Feldman claims he was molested by multiple older men, and his friend, Corey Haim, was raped at the age of 11. In 2010, Haim died from pneumonia, stemming from a lengthy battle with drug addiction.

In 2013, Feldman discussed his alleged abuse on US daytime television programThe View. 

“I’m saying that the people who did this to both me and Corey are still working… that they are still out there… and they’re some of the richest most powerful people in this business,” Feldman said to an aghast Barbara Walters.

“Are you saying that they’re paedophiles and they’re still in this business?” she asked.

“Yes,” he responded.

Walters held her hand to her head, sighing, before Feldman continued, “Be careful what you wish for… that’s what I’ll tell you… don’t go into it with naivety…”


“You’re damaging an entire industry!” Walters exclaimed.

Corey Feldman in Stand By Me. Image via Colombia Pictures.

"I'm sorry I'm not trying to," Feldman responded. "I'm just trying to say it's a very important, serious topic."

In 2017, when speaking to talk-show host Dr Mehmet Oz, Feldman put a name to the man he alleges abused him: actor Jon Grissom. US media confirmed that Grissom is a convicted sex offender.


Although Feldman was also friends with accused sex offender Michael Jackson when he was young, he says the pop star didn’t abuse him.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in April 2019, Feldman said he believed he could bring down a paedophile ring that he had been aware of since he was a child.

"Right off the bat, I can name six names, one of them who is still very powerful today. [It’s] a story that links all the way up to a studio [and] connects paedophilia to one of the major studios," he said.

Feldman is hardly the only person to advance these allegations.

In 2016, actor Elijah Wood told The Sunday Times that, "organised sexual abuse of children in Hollywood is rife".

Much like the case of Harvey Weinstein, many young men claim that child sexual abuse is, like the title of the documentary suggests, "an open secret".

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