WATCH: The moment a policeman saves a baby's life.

You won’t realise that you’re holding your breath until the baby’s hand starts moving.

Watch as a police officer revives an unconscious baby.

A police officer in the U.S. has saved a 7-month-old baby by giving her mouth-to-mouth.

Officer Martin Smith was called to the family’s home in Albuquerque after the babies mother reported she stopped breathing.

The amazing moments were captured by the Officers body cam. You can see her little hands wriggle as she comes back to consciousness.

The Albuquerque police department described Officer Smith’s life-saving moments on their Facebook page:

He gave her light breaths and rubbed her sternum in an attempt to revive her. Within moments, the baby responded and began breathing on her own. The officer continued to help the family remain calm while holding and talking to the baby until paramedics arrived. The infant was taken to the hospital and is doing great!

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