What other parents really think about smacking, crying it out and more.

Smacking. Crying it out. Vaccination. Circumcision. Homeschooling. They’re the hot-button issues of parenting, guaranteed to turn Facebook into a face-off, and any backyard barbie into a boxing ring. Everyone’s got a view. Everyone knows at least someone who has the opposing view.

But do most parents agree with you on these big issues? Well, you’re about to find out.

BuzzFeed asked some 200,000 parents for their views on the most controversial topics in parenting today. These are some of the results.

Would you spank your child?

No 52%

Yes 48%

Spanking had plenty of defenders in the comments section, with some keen to point out the difference between “spanking” and “beating”. But others were aghast. “I’m disgusted at the amount of people who would spank their children,” posted Chloe Jackson.

Can a child get a well-rounded social and academic experience through homeschooling?

73% No

27% Yes

The comments section was flooded with people who’d been homeschooled and were keen to share their experiences of being well-socialised and achieving excellent academic results. “Don’t knock it till you try it!” wrote Kaylin Arnold.

We have some top tips to help you nail homework when you don’t have a clue. Post continues after video…

Would you let your baby cry it out?

57% Yes

43% No

This is where things got vicious. “Anyone that uses it is a disgusting person that needs an education,” wrote Danielle Myers. Other parents defended it, using their “happy” children as proof.


Is it appropriate for a baby to be breastfed in public?

85% Yes

15% No

Sure, it’s only 15 per cent against, but that’s 15 per cent too many. “It’s incredibly sickening how many people are against breastfeeding,” Kaelan Adal Wolf commented.

Is it appropriate to circumcise newborn boys?

71% No

29% Yes

This was another one where the responses got passionate. “You’d rather cut off part of your baby than teach them how to wear a condom and have safe sex?” demanded Mark Ivan Mukiibi Serunjogi. “That’s lazy and barbaric.”

Do you vaccinate your children?

94% Yes

6% No

The anti-vaxxers might be loud, but they’re still a very small minority of parents. “The one about vaccines has restored some of my faith in humanity,” wrote Mike Hoiland. “Not much, but some.”

Co-sleeping. More common than you'd think.

Do you co-sleep with your children?

63% No

37% Yes

Interestingly, more than a third of parents out there have their kids in bed with them. One co-sleeping mother commented she was surprised at the figures, but glad to see "attachment parenting" philosophies becoming more mainstream.

Would you schedule an elective c-section for the birth of your child?

64% No

36% Yes

"How about people quit worrying about HOW my kids get into the world and just be happy they made it here safely?" commented Nicole Pena Yontz.

Is it ever appropriate to put your kid on a leash?

53% No

47% Yes

Parents who've used leashes - the ones attached to cute backpacks, not the ones attached to dog collars - sang their praises. "Can't begin to tell you how many times a harness saved my kid from running into the street," wrote Jessica Grindstaff. "He loved to run away any chance he got."

Were you surprised by the survey results?

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