This Donald Trump magazine cover is being criticised for going "too far."

A German magazine has sparked international debate with the release of a particularly controversial cover.

Der Spiegel, a German weekly news magazine, tweeted an image of their cover on Saturday, which depicts President Donald Trump brandishing a knife and the bloodied head of the Statue of Liberty, alongside the text ‘America First.’

In Germany alone, the media is divided as to whether the cover went too far, with one headline reading, “This Spiegel cover devalues journalism.”

Some believe the cover was purely run for shock-value and to attract attention to the magazine, while the German vice-president of the European Parliament described the image as “tasteless.”

Others in the German media have said the cover feeds into Trump’s paranoia about the press and the way it distorts him. It’s also been said that simply suggesting that Trump is a terrorist is not clever, and those two issues need to be kept separate.

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However, during a protest against Trump’s immigration ban in Berlin on Saturday, the cover featured on a number of posters. It’s also been shared widely on social media.

When describing the cover, Spiegel’s chief editor said, “the American president beheads the symbol which has welcomed migrants and refugees to the United States since 1886, and with democracy and freedom.”


In a headline, The Washington Post described the image as “stunning,” while filmmaker Morgan Spurlock tweeted, “‘In case anyone was confused, this is how the world sees the new presidency.”

Other Twitter user described the cover as a “warning” and wrote “Germans know fascism.”

Der Spiegel‘s cover is one of many trying to capture the current mood around Donald Trump’s presidency. In their upcoming cover, The New Yorker went for a more sombre approach.

Bloomberg Businessweek, by contrast, tried to add some humour to their very serious message.

Do you think the Der Spiegel cover goes too far?

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