The concerning birth control method one in seven Aussies are now using.

One in seven sexually-active Australians are not using contraception, new research shows.

As well as this (as if that’s not enough), a further 15 per cent are relying on ‘natural’ measures such as withdrawal or fertility tracking to avoid falling pregnant.

A recent study conducted by Monash University looked into the contraceptive habits of of 1,500 Australian men and women of reproductive age.

They found the use of condoms and oral contraception has declined since previous studies, with one in seven (15 per cent) of Australians saying they don’t use contraception at all and another 15 per cent saying they use ‘natural’ measures such as the ‘pull-out’ method or fertility-awareness tracking to prevent pregnancy.

Until now, the number of non-contraceptive-using Australians was below seven per cent, the university claims.

More Australians are using natural contraceptive measures. Image via iStock.

The risky behaviour doesn't stop there. Those women who are taking precautions aren't necessarily using the most effective forms of contraception.

The study found intrauterine devices or contraceptive implants are unpopular with Australian women despite their affordability and limited side-effects.

"It appears that many misconceptions about these methods exist, and it’s important that people are aware of these methods, and that they are suitable for most women to use," co-author from Monash University Dr Sara Holton said in a statement from the university.

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The reasons for this decline in contraceptive use has been put down to the rise of... Smart phones.

The apps that allow us to track ovulation, and therefore fertility, may have lead to a false sense of security (see Bec Judd finding out she was pregnant the day before her Hen's party, oops).

As well as this, young Australians have been dubbed the 'pull-out generation' because of their concern with taking hormone contraceptive tablets.

A gentle reminder: 'Natural' contraceptives such as the withdrawal method and fertility tracking can be ineffective in preventing pregnancy.

But - as well as this - they do nothing to protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, chlamydia and HIV.